More About The Event...

  • Event Date:  February 11, 2018
  • Event Start Times: 3:30pm (5K), 3:35pm (1 mile)
  • Event Location: Rancho Bernardo Park
  • Event Address: 18448 W Bernardo Dr, San Diego, CA 
  • Event Parking: Onsite, inside Park
  • Course Notes: 
    • 1st 1.5 Miles is Easy Trail Run
    • 2nd 1.5 Miles is a designated loop around Rancho Bernardo Park with minor obstacles to go around, over, or under (Trees, Picnic tables, Fances, etc...)
    • 1 Mile course is a 1/4 mile run up the access road, then loop around Rancho Bernardo Park (Same as 5K)
    • No Aid Stations along the course
    • Great for all running/ walking levels
  • Additional Event Activities:
    • "Safe Zone" Finish Festival
      • Vendors
      • Games
      • Kids Activities
    • Runner Costume Contest (more details announced later)
    • Food Trucks (3 Food Trucks to choose from)
    • Music
    • TV/ Movie Screening
    • And Much More...


Event Schedule

  • 1:00pm- Check In and Registration Opens
  • 1:30pm- Festival Opens
  • 3:00pm- 5K Starts
  • 3:10pm- 1 Mile Fun Run Starts
  • 5:00pm- Course Closes
  • 5:30pm- TV/ Movie Screening
  • 7:00pm- Event Closes
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What Runners Can Expect During the Event:

  • Zombies are their to chase you.
  • Avoid them and keep your flags
  • Use any strategy you can to "survive"
  • Zombies will not make contact with any runner, other than the attempt to capture a flag.
  • Direct Contact  (pushing, pulling, striking, etc..) with Zombies and Runners is NOT permitted. Violators will be asked to leave.
  • Course length may vary for each individual, based on the strategy and direction taken when entering into the "Infected Zone"
  • Minor Obstacles to climb over, under or go around may include , i.e.. trees, park benches, picnic tables, etc...
  • All obstacles can be completed or skipped by ALL runners, based on zombie location